Brand Refresh Project

We can’t wait to show you our updated look. Coming June 2022.

After more than a year of engagement and research and on the heels of a new strategic plan, we’re excited to share our updated brand with you.

Why are we updating our brand?

It’s been nearly ten years since our last brand update and since then, we’ve achieved so much.

We’ve celebrated our 200th anniversary, grown enrollment to more than 21,000 students, become one of Canada’s top-ranked universities, and have earned the reputation as a research powerhouse – both locally and globally. With ambitious goals guided by a new strategic vision, there’s never been a better time to leverage this momentum.

What has informed the brand refresh?

  • Dalhousie’s Strategic Plan: Third Century Promise
  • Research projects, including reputational research (2019), a brand health study (2021), and various focus group testing
  • Engagement sessions with students, staff, faculty, alumni, senior leaders, Board of Governors Community Affairs Committee
  • Project Advisory Committee (members of Dalhousie community across faculties, units, and campuses)

What’s next?

We’re getting ready to unveil our new brand this June. Once confirmed, we’ll update this space with launch event dates and details.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve itemized the following FAQs related to the brand refresh. If you have further questions, send them to

Why is a strong brand important?

Brand guidelines are designed to help effectively share an organization’s story. By establishing consistent and clear communication, we strengthen our brand voice, build pride among our university community, and develop recognition of the Dalhousie brand on a global scale, helping to support our strategic goals. 

Why is Dalhousie refreshing the brand now?

Dalhousie’s last brand refresh took place in 2014. It is best practice for a brand to refresh every eight to ten years. After a year of uncertainty due to the pandemic and with Dalhousie’s 2021-2025 strategic plan on the horizon, now is the time to boldly state who we are, demonstrate our value proposition, and pay tribute to our more than 200 years of academic excellence. 

What are the objectives of the brand-refresh project?

  • Increase recognition of, affinity with, and loyalty to the Dalhousie University brand
  • Enhance Dalhousie’s reputation regionally, nationally, and internationally
  • Support optimal enrolment by attracting the best students through a unified and cohesive recruitment marketing approach

Why is Dalhousie engaging an agency partner to support with this work?

Marketing firms offer unique and proven approaches to supporting large, complex organizations such as post-secondary institutions with clearly defining their brand identity. They provide best-in-class research, concept approaches, and creative services to generate the framework needed to better articulate a brand story. 

How will the Dalhousie community be engaged?

Brand Governance Committee has been established with representation from a diverse group of university stakeholders to ensure our objectives are kept in focus.

Additionally, a community-wide survey was available earlier this year for anyone who wished to provide feedback, suggestions, or concerns as it related to the brand project.

Throughout the process Dalhousie will be exploring additional ways to solicit feedback. You can also email if you would like to send additional feedback or receive further updates on the project.

What can I do to support the brand refresh?

As a member of the Dalhousie community, we encourage you to be an ambassador of the brand, ensuring every representation and touchpoint with the Dalhousie brand meets the brand standards.

What is the timeline for the brand refresh?

Any brand development requires time to allow for thoroughness, thoughtfulness and engagement. We have a high-level timeline in place while also being mindful that this is an important project and requires flexibility when needed.

May 2021
- Discovery
June 2021 - Stakeholder engagement
July 2021 - Summary of findings
July to September 2021 - Brand strategy development
August to September 2021 - Senior Leadership and Project Advisory Committee engagement
September to October 2021 - Creative development
October 2021 - Stakeholder engagement
October to November 2021 - Finalizing creative development
December 2021 - Tools and templates/brand guidelines
Winter 2022 - Internal soft launch
Spring 2022 - Deployment


The Dalhousie Brand Refresh Project is being overseen by the following:

Executive Committee

  • President’s Executive Table

Senior Advisory Committee

  • Provost’s Committee
  • Deans Council 
  • Executive Council

Project Advisory Group

  • Human Rights & Equity Services
  • Human Resources
  • Communications, Marketing & Creative Services
  • Office of Advancement
  • Global and Government Relations
  • Student Affairs
  • Schulich School of Law representative
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies representative
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences representative
  • Faculty of Agriculture representative
  • Department of Athletics & Recreational Services
  • International Centre
  • King's University
  • Library
  • Research & Innovation
  • Ancillary Services
  • Undergraduate Student representatives
  • Graduate Student representatives
  • Dalhousie Alumni Association