Thought Leaders


Sara Seck

April 2021 - Dr. Sara Seck co-edited the Cambridge Handbook of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development, which features contributors from around the world who consider the potential of human rights approaches and the social pillar of sustainable development to address environmental justice challenges.

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Graham Gagnon

July 2020 - Dr. Graham Gagnon worked with the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs (APC) to develop a comprehensive clean water strategy, leading to the first framework agreement for a First Nations-led water authority in Canada.

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Ingrid Waldron

March 2020 - Dr. Ingrid Waldron's documentary There’s Something in the Water (co-produced with Ellen Page and Ian Daniel) was released on Netflix. The documentary, based on Dr. Waldron's book of the same name, addresses the multi-layered effects of environmental racism in Nova Scotia.

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Ocean Frontier Institute

June 2020 - The Ocean Frontier Institute announced $16 million in new ocean research projects, collaborating with industry, Indigenous partners, communities and government to study marine ecology and coastal communities.

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Raluca Bejan

February 2020 - Dr. Raluca Bejan collaborated with artist and graphic designer Ioan Cocan to create the documentary and multimedia exhibition TRACE: Tracing the Space of the Refugee Crisis, which seeks to shift view of the ongoing European refugee crisis away from “zoological” perspectives and towards some of the broader societal issues that underpin it.

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