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Photo of Kate Pepler smiling

Kate Pepler: Zero-waste entrepreneur (BA'16 in ESS & ENVS)

In 2018, Kate Pepler opened The Tare Shop, Halifax’s first zero-waste café and bulk store. Alongside its retail business, the store hosts community events such as workshops and public talks. Kate has since announced that she will open a second location in Dartmouth in Fall 2020!

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2020 ESS Convocation Awards: Claire Chadwick (BA'20 in IDS & ESS)

Claire Chadwick is the 2020 recipient of the ESS SUST-star Prize. For her ESS Internship (SUST 3002) with Dal’s Resilience Research Center, she contributed to a project investigating the impacts of oil/gas production and climate change on young people’s health and well-being. She also completed the RBC Sustainability Leadership Certificate, developing new children’s access-to-nature programming for Halifax community hub Veith House.

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Olivia Rempel: Digital video expert and documentary filmmaker (BJH'15 with ESS)

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Olivia Rempel works from an office on the south coast of Norway, helping scientists share their work more effectively with the public. Since September 2020, Rempel has worked as a digital video expert for GRID-Arendal, a Norwegian non-profit communications centre with a mission to communicate environmental science to policy makers.

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Photo of Caroline Merner with ocean and icebergs in background.

Caroline Merner: Climate action non-profit director (BA'17 in ESS & IDS)

Since graduating from Dal, Caroline Merner has been to the Arctic and Chile, and co-founded Climate Guides which launched in April 2018.

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Photo of a Northern bottlenose whale tooth

Laura Feyrer: Marine biology researcher

Marine biology PhD candidate Laura Feyrer has completed new research on the nursing practices of endangered northern bottlenose whales, contributing to broader scientific understanding around the difficulties faced by today’s whale populations.

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Sheena Parris: Clean energy policy analyst (BA'15 in ESS & IDS)

Sheena Parris works as a Clean Energy Policy Analyst for the Government of Nova Scotia. In her role, she works primarily on solar policy and energy efficiency programs, with a focus on low-income, community-driven First Nations initiatives.

Learn more about Sheena's career journey [PDF - 415 KB]

Photo of Jessica MacKeen sitting on a wall at Dalhousie

2020 ESS Convocation Awards: Jessica MacKeen (BA'20 in ESS & PoliSci)

Jessica MacKeen is the 2020 recipient of the ESS Thesis/Major Project Prize. For her honours project, Jessica modified a psychological games testing tool to measure children’s bioaffinity (a child’s love of/for or connection to nature). Using a testing tool originally developed by Swedish researchers, she examined whether cultural and developmental modifications could improve the tool’s effectiveness for children of different age ranges and geographical locations.

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