What would Dalhousie look like if all of us felt we truly belonged?

Under the Strategic Direction charter 5.2: Foster a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness, our committee of students, faculty, and staff came together to research and prepare an initial report on diversity and inclusiveness at Dalhousie. After hosting over 60 outreach meetings and studying hundreds of individual submissions, our committee was convinced there is little value in preparing yet one more, wide scope, task force report. This action report asks everyone to be part of this project.

Creating a welcoming environment demands engagement from all of us. Each of us needs to build our understanding of how we (intentionally and unintentionally) include and exclude members of our community.

As you read our recommendations under each theme, we ask you to think about how they apply to you.


Listen to better understand the experience of members of our community and celebrate Dal's diversity. Read the recommendations.


Focus on how Dal creates learning and dialogue about inclusion-related issues.
Read the recommendations


Take stock of the messages we send because of the design and content of our surroundings. Read the recommendations.


Examine the governance and accountability structures that support an inclusive Dalhousie. Read the recommendations.


Develop our services and processes for supporting our community so they're obvious, organized and transparent.
Read the recommendations


Explore the healing supports we currently offer and consider how they might be enhanced. Read the recommendations.

Thank you. The committee would like to acknowledge the time and generosity of every person who found a moment in their busy lives to meet with us, whether in person, by phone or electronically.