Dalhousie Originals

They inspired, challenged and strengthened Dalhousie and the world. Now it’s time to share their stories.

The story of Dalhousie’s 200 years evolves from the stories of our people — the pioneers, innovators, creators and thinkers whose contributions and actions have made us what we are today. These are our graduates, faculty, students, staff and friends. And, collectively, they are the Dalhousie Originals.

Each week in 2018, we'll add a new story to this site, and introduce you to another person who inspired us, challenged us and helped build Dalhousie into a national and international post-secondary institution. Read more about the project and the selection process.

Who will be introduced next week?

Here's your clue: Committed. Premier. Reforms.

In case you missed it, last week we featured Arthur McDonald.