Plan Recommendations


Recommendations: Moving toward a barrier-free Dalhousie

The following recommendations have emerged through an iterative needs analysis, consultation, review and documentation process, informed by individual reports. For recommendations related to each of area of focus, please click through the six categories listed below.

  1. Built Environment
  2. Teaching, Learning and Research
  3. Goods and Services
  4. Information and Communication
  5. Transportation
  6. Employment

The recommendations listed in each focus area will be part of a comprehensive implementation plan with accountabilities across Dalhousie, and an evaluation approach that aligns with the Nova Scotia post-secondary accessibility evaluation tool. Although developed as a compilation of individual plans, Dalhousie’s Accessibility Plan will take both an overarching and area-specific approach, as needed, to ensure consistency across commonly identified actions such as budget planning, incorporation into campus master planning or development of training tools. - members serve as champions and provide high-level direction, recommendations and resources for the development of the Plan.

Evaluation: Measuring and reporting on progress

Listening to and acting on feedback across the university community and beyond is a critically important element of Dalhousie’s Accessibility Plan. Recognizing the iterative nature of Dalhousie’s Accessibility Plan, we will continue to review and revise the Plan on an annual basis, expanding engagement and consultation strategies across campus and with the broader community, and especially with persons with disabilities. 

Additional evaluation and reporting efforts will include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with the Provincial Advisory Committee to develop a reporting framework to track progress across Dalhousie and other provincial post-secondary institutions
  • An annual review of the plan, incorporating updates 
  • Compliance reporting, as required
  • Opportunities to collect feedback and mechanisms to address

Next steps

Now that Dalhousie has a finalized Accessibility Plan, our focus will shift to implementation, reporting on annual progress and evaluation. 

An implementation and reporting plan will outline in practical terms, how Dalhousie will work to achieve the recommendations outlined above and the measures that will be used to monitor and share annual progress.