Project Plan

Project Mandate

Guiding Principles

  • Dalhousie will use an integrated framework to enable collaborative work across the university to develop, monitor and continually improve its accessibility plan
  • The framework will support work to identify, remove, and prevent barriers for persons with disabilities and to monitor progress to address legislated requirements
  • Dalhousie will continually strive for a barrier-free institution that demonstrates innovation in approaches to accessibility  
  • Dalhousie will strive to exceed the core requirements set out by provincial legislation 

Project Team and Working Groups

The Project Team oversees the six Working Groups dedicated to the following six focus areas identified in the provincial framework (each links to a Working Group page):

  1. Built Environment  
  2. Teaching, Learning and Research 
  3. Goods and Services 
  4. Information and Communication 
  5. Transportation 
  6. Employment

Governance Structure

Dalhousie University Accessibility Advisory Committee (DUAAC) - members serve as champions and provide high-level direction, recommendations and resources for the development of the Plan.

Dalhousie University Accessibility Steering Committee (DUASC) - provides subject matter expertise, functional ownership and accountability for results.

Project Team and Working Groups - provide day-to-day leadership for planning and implementation, monitors progress, resolves issues and escalates when required, assesses change management needs and develop strategies, implements communication plan and leads the individual working groups. Advises the Accessibility Advisory and Steering Committee on progress where decisions are required. 

Resource Leads - individuals with subject matter expertise who are brought in (as required) to assist in the development, monitoring and continuous improvement of the University's accessibility plan.