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Our Faculty


David Black Lester B.
Pearson Professor of International
Development Studies
E-Mail (902) 494-6638


Katherine Fierlbeck Graduate Coordinator
Professor of Political Science
E-Mail         (902) 494-6631
Robert Finbow Deputy Director, Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence E-Mail         (902) 494-6606

Associate Professors

Peter Arthur   E-Mail (902) 494-6630
Brian Bow Director, Centre for the Study of Security and Development
E-Mail (902) 494-6629
Louise Carbert On leave until July 2018 E-Mail (902) 494-6628
Margaret Denike   E-Mail (902) 494-6298
Kristin Good   E-mail (902) 494-1944
Anders Hayden Undergraduate Advisor E-Mail (902) 494-6602
Lori Turnbull   E-Mail (902) 494-6605
Ruben Zaiotti Director, Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence E-Mail (902) 494-6609

Assistant Professors

Marcella Firmini
LTA E-Mail (902) 494-4587   
Steven Seligman
LTA E-Mail (902) 494-6626

Part-Time Faculty

Jenny Baechler
David Banoub   E-Mail  
Michelle Coffin   E-Mail  
Ann Griffiths Editor, Centre for the Study of Security and Development
E-Mail (902) 494-6603
Andrea Lane Deputy Director, Centre for the Study of Security and Development E-Mail  
John Mitton
  E-Mail (902) 494-6270
Carlos Pessoa   E-Mail  

Post Doctoral Fellow

Alexandre Baril
Kilam Postdoc Fellow
E-Mail (902) 494-6610  

Professors Emeriti

Robert Boardman Dalhousie University
David M. Cameron Dalhousie University                             
James Eayrs                                
Timothy Shaw University of Massachusetts Boston
Jennifer Smith Dalhousie University    
Denis Stairs Dalhousie University    
Gilbert Winham   
Dalhousie University    

Adjunct Professors

Florian Bail
Dalhousie University (Retired)
Juergen Habermas and Hannah Arendt, Deliberative Democracy, German Foreign Policy
James Bickerton
St. Francis Xavier University
Canadian and comparative federalism and regionalism, Canadian party and electoral politics
Paul Brown
Dalhousie University (Retired)
Public administration
Susan Dodd
University of King's College
History of Western culture, politics of memory, critical theory (literary and political), technology and culture
Samar El-Masri
King's College at Western University
Middle East politics, ethinic conflict and resolution, human rights, women's rights
Ann Griffiths  
Dalhousie University
Security and defence, human rights, peacebuilding, democratization and federalism
Ken Hansen
Marine Matters
Maritime security theory, naval operational doctrine with emphasis on planning processes and logistical requirements, joint and interagency doctrine
Kristi Kenyon
University of Winnipeg
The role that non-governmental organisations play in promoting, protecting and interpreting human rights
Simon Kow
University of King's College
Early modern political thought, history of political thought, western conceptions of East Asia, East Asian thought and culture, early modern piracy
Finn Larsen
Dalhousie University (Retired)
European integration, EU’s trade policy
Eric Lerhe
Dalhousie University
Defence policy, NATO, the 3 dimensional approach, and general naval issues
Dan Middlemiss
Dalhousie University (Retired)
International security, contemporary civil-military relations, Canadian defence, Canadian maritime policy
Neil Robertson
University of King's College
Contemporary political thought, Early Modern political thought, the shaping of Modernity in Early Modern Europe
Donald Savioe
Universite de Moncton
Canadian Public Administration; public policies; economic development
Timothy Shaw
University of Massachusetts Boston
International Political Economy, Human Development and Human Security, African and Caribbean Region
Denis Stairs
Dalhousie University (Retired)
Canadian foreign and defence policy, Canada-U.S. Relations
Deborah Stienstra
University of Manitoba
Disability history (eugenics and bioethics), Geography of disability, Disabled women’s issues, Disabled People’s access to primary health care, Disability and the media