Our Faculty


David Black Lester B. Pearson
Professor of International
Development Studies
RM 301B, Henry Hicks Bldg.             
E-Mail  (902) 494-6638


Brian Bow Director, Centre for the Study of Security and Development
RM 344, Henry Hicks Bldg.
E-Mail (902) 494-6629
Katherine Fierlbeck Graduate Coordinator
Professor of Political Science
RM 301C, Henry Hicks Bldg.
E-Mail         (902) 494-6631
Robert Finbow Deputy Director, Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence, Honours Coordinator, Political Science
RM 365, Henry Hicks Bldg.
E-Mail         (902) 494-6606

Associate Professors

Peter Arthur RM 361, Henry Hicks Bldg. E-Mail (902)494-6630
Louise Carbert RM 359, Henry Hicks Bldg.
E-Mail (902)494-6628
Margaret Denike On leave until July 2019
RM 364, Henry Hicks Bldg.
E-Mail (902)494-6298
Kristin Good RM 356, Henry Hicks Bldg. E-mail (902)494-1944
Anders Hayden Undergraduate Advisor, CSSD acting Director
RM 358, Henry Hicks Bldg.
E-Mail (902)494-6602
Ruben Zaiotti Director, Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence
RM 353 & 339 Henry Hicks Bldg
E-Mail (902)494-6609

Assistant Professors

Kiran Banerjee
RM 355A, Henry Kicks Bldg E-Mail (902) 494-6603
Marcella Firmini
RM 355, Henry Hicks Bldg.
E-Mail (902)494-4587   
Scott Pruysers RM 360, Henry Hicks Bldg. E-Mail (902) 494-6626
Leah Sarson
RM 362, Henry Hick Bldg. E-Mail (902) 494-6611

Part-Time Faculty

Larissa Atkison RM 354, Henry Hicks Bldg.
David Banoub                                                        E-Mail  
Gregg French RM 352 Henry Hicks Bldg. E-Mail  
Ann Griffiths RM 354, Henry Hicks Bldg. E-Mail (902) 494-6603
Matthew MacLellan   E-Mail  
Carlos Pessoa RM 352, Henry Hicks Bldg. E-Mail  
Heather Smith RM 357, Henry Hicks Bldg. E-Mail  

** Mail for part-time faculty can be sent to Room 301, Henry Hicks Building, 6299 South St.

Professors Emeriti

Robert Boardman Dalhousie University
David M. Cameron Dalhousie University                             
James Eayrs                                
Jennifer Smith Dalhousie University    
Denis Stairs Dalhousie University    

Adjunct Professors

Donald Abelson
St. Francis Xavier University

American Politics and US foreign policy; the role of think tanks and their efforts to influence public opinion and public policy

Larissa Atkison
Dalhousie University


Florian Bail
Dalhousie University (Retired)

Juergen Habermas and Hannah Arendt, Deliberative Democracy, German Foreign Policy

Sharon Batt
Independent Scholar and Writer

Ethical issues in health policy

James Bickerton
St. Francis Xavier University

Canadian and comparative federalism and regionalism, Canadian party and electoral politics

Maya Eichler
Mount St. Vincent University

Gender integration and sexual violence in the CAF, veterans' policy, and the transition from military to civilian life in Canada

Samar El-Masri
King's College at Western University

Middle East politics, ethnic conflict and resolution, human rights, women's rights

Kristi Kenyon
University of Winnipeg

The role that non-governmental organisations play in promoting, protecting and interpreting human rights

Eric Lerhe
Dalhousie University

Defence policy, NATO, the 3-dimensional approach, and general naval issues

Jamie Levin
St. Francis Xavier University

International Relations and Political Theory

Elizabeth McGibbon
St. Francis Xavier University

Structural determinants of health: social injustice, oppression, and the political economy of health

Dan Middlemiss
Dalhousie University (Retired)

International security, contemporary civil-military relations, Canadian defence, Canadian maritime policy

Jean-Francois Savard
École nationale d'administration publique

Federal and provincial governments aboriginal policies, Relation between Indigenous people and Canadian Armed Forces, Gambling policies, Policy coherence, Text mining

Donald Savioe
Universite de Moncton

Canadian Public Administration; public policies; economic development

Timothy Shaw
University of Massachusetts Boston

International Political Economy, Human Development and Human Security, African and Caribbean Region

Heather Smith
University of Northern British Colombia
Canadian Foreign Policy, Critical and feminist pedagogies, Gender and Canadian Foreign policy, Decolonizing Canadian Foreign Policy  
Denis Stairs
Dalhousie University (Retired)

Canadian foreign and defence policy, Canada-U.S. Relations

Deborah Stienstra
University of Guelph

Disability history (eugenics and bioethics), Geography of disability, Disabled women’s issues, Disabled People’s access to primary health care, Disability and the media 

Shelly Whitman
Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative

Child soldiers, peace, human security, development, and international institutions