The Department of Political Science at Dalhousie ranks among the world's best. It provides an ideal setting for students and learners at all levels who want to know more about the values, laws, institutions and policy mechanisms that govern their lives in society, and as well, the differences between their system of government and those in other countries.

Our courses encourage the discovery and the broad reach of the political world and prepare students for more than just a career in politics. While we excel in teaching the traditional subfields (international relations, Canadian politics, political theory, and comparative politics), our program is a great place to study and explore the complex intersections of security and development.

Our undergraduate program provides a diverse range of courses allows you to study everything from municipal governments to foreign relations and global conflict. We also encourage our undergraduate honours students to conduct independent research of their choice, while working closely with faculty members.

One degree is just the beginning. If you're still curious and you want to keep going, to know more: Dalhousie University is the place for you.

Join over 3,500 graduate students in a research-intensive environment. Learn with top professors in their fields; experts who are recognized across Canada and the world.