Political Science Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (EDIA) Committee

The Department of Political Science recognizes the importance of developing policies and creating spaces that are not only inclusive, but also respond to the needs of a diverse staff and student body.  

The EDIA Committee at the Political Science Department exists to highlight, and provide direction and guidance on, resources and policies that currently exist as they pertain to equity, including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, and accessibility. It also focuses on filling any potential voids that may currently exist when it comes to equity related matters, and thereby proactively assist in dealing with them.  

The department, through its EDIA committee, will be available to mentor, advise, and guide students and staff on equity diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and related priorities. It also assists students and staff with their academic and professional development, helps them to network, and develops a sense of belonging, to help them to deal with any challenges that they would like to have addressed in the department. It is the department’s hope that through this committee, we would be well positioned to provide a welcoming environment for students and staff to feel free to discuss issues of equity in the department. Finally, through input from students and staff, the committee hopes to assist the department with various equity-related issues in the department.  

Political Science EDIA Committee Members:

Peter Arthur
Professor, Chair EDIA Committee & EDIA Student Mentor
Kiran Banerjee Associate Professor
David Black
Mirriam Mensah Doctoral Candidate
Tracy Powell Administrative Assistant
Ainsley Priddell DUPSS Student Representative