Meet our Chair

Chair’s Message 

The life of a student is challenging. As Covid recedes, other difficulties – like housing shortages and wifi crashes – move in to fill the vacuum. Nonetheless, there is always a certain exhilaration at the beginning of term: a sense of possibility and a feeling of energy pervade the campus. Secretly, faculty share this delight in the beginning of term. They have been lovingly polishing their class outlines for the past few weeks and, like seasoned athletes, are ready to hit the ground running.    

Despite the inevitable challenges of student life, do take a moment to savour the start of something new. And remember that we’re here for you – a campus devoid of students is (as we have felt in the past two years) a rather lonely place.  Excepting the occasional hurricane, September is a grand time to be on campus. Welcome to all, and the best of luck with your studies!