Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Professors

Donald Abelson
St. Francis Xavier University

American Politics and US foreign policy; the role of think tanks and their efforts to influence public opinion and public policy

Larissa Atkison
Dalhousie University


Florian Bail
Dalhousie University (Retired)

Juergen Habermas and Hannah Arendt, Deliberative Democracy, German Foreign Policy

Sharon Batt
Independent Scholar and Writer

Ethical issues in health policy

James Bickerton
St. Francis Xavier University

Canadian and comparative federalism and regionalism, Canadian party and electoral politics

Maya Eichler
Mount St. Vincent University

Gender integration and sexual violence in the CAF, veterans' policy, and the transition from military to civilian life in Canada

Mario Levesque
Mount Allison University
Disability policy & Politics (employment, political participation, transit), Environment policy & Politics (common pool resources, transboundary resources conflicts), Intergovernmental Relations, Institutional Analysis, Federalism
Elizabeth McGibbon
St. Francis Xavier University

Structural determinants of health: social injustice, oppression, and the political economy of health

Dan Middlemiss
Dalhousie University (Retired)

International security, contemporary civil-military relations, Canadian defence, Canadian maritime policy

Timothy Shaw
University of Massachusetts Boston

International Political Economy, Human Development and Human Security, African and Caribbean Region

Heather Smith
University of Northern British Colombia
Canadian Foreign Policy, Critical and feminist pedagogies, Gender and Canadian Foreign policy, Decolonizing Canadian Foreign Policy  
Ipek Eren Vural
Dalhousie University

Shelly Whitman
Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative

Child soldiers, peace, human security, development, and international institutions