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Presentation & Speaking Skills

Will you have to deliver an oral presentation for class? Are you having trouble organizing your talk? Are you a bit nervous about presenting to a group? This workshop will give you tips on choosing your topic, organizing your material, using visual aids, and delivering your presentation.

Thur Oct. 12
6:30-7:30pm Mona Campbell 2107
Wed Oct. 25 6-7pm Mona Campbell 1107
Tue Nov. 14 4:30-5:30pm Mona Campbell 2107
Wed Nov. 29 6-7pm Mona Campbell 1107

Register for this workshop

To register for this workshop online, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to my.dal.ca
  2. Click on "Learning Resources" under Quick Links on the right-hand side of the page
  3. Find "Study Skills" and click the "Register for a Study Skills workshop" link

Please Note:
Even if you can’t/didn’t register for a workshop in advance, then SHOW UP anyway and sign the attendance sheet. Also if you have trouble registering, email sfs@dal.ca and we would be happy to register you.