Study Skills/Tutoring


Become a more efficient and effective learner

Whether you're doing well and want to do better or if you are experiencing academic difficulty, we can help you reach your academic potential during your time at Dalhousie.

A few reasons to visit:

  • You're attending class regularly but you feel like you're missing important points
  • You feel like you don't have enough time to get everything done
  • You’d like to bring together key concepts in both lectures and textbooks
  • You want to be fully prepared to write an exam
  • You're doing well in your courses, but think you could do better
  • You’ve experienced some academic failure, whether one paper, one assignment, one midterm or final exam, one or more classes

Complete a self assessment:

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We are still here for you! Offering virtual appointments for Summer 2022.

The Studying for Success Program continues its work supporting students in all areas of study skills and tutoring whether or not they are away from campus. Our Program Coordinator and our team of study coaches and tutors are ready to help you so that, whether you are home working remotely or back on campus in person, you can still complete your course work and the Summer term successfully.

We can have virtual appointments with you through Brightspace Collaborate or Microsoft Teams (or another video communication platform that's mutually convenient), or via phone call, if you'd prefer. For general inquiries or to make appointments, you may call us at 902-494-3077 or send your questions to:

And check out for information on how your classes and university services are impacted.