Personal Coaching

About our study coaches

Study Skills Coaches are graduate students, in ten different areas of academic specialty, who are pursuing studies in either Masters or PhD programs here at Dal. Their training and experience provide a range of expertise in helping students in a range of study skills. 


  • explore methods to capture the most pertinent details from lectures and textbooks
  • help you define your preferred learning style and offer complementing study techniques
  • guide your development and application of an effective study strategy
  • provide useful tips on the best way to prepare for exams
  • refer you to appropriate academic support services as needed

Before your appointment

  • Try to have a good idea of the professor’s expectations for the course/assignment and the overall goals and purpose of the course. This will help to set priorities in personal coaching.
  • Prepare ahead of time for your personal coaching session, especially if this is a second or subsequent meeting.
  • Expect to be asked about the course to assess both your knowledge level and attitude towards the course. Is this material completely new to you? Are you lacking some foundational knowledge? Did you take a prerequisite course but find yourself unable to understand all the concepts?
  • Arrive on time for all of your sessions. If you do need to cancel a session, give as much notice as possible and suggest alternative meeting times.

During your appointment

  • One-to-one study coaching sessions focus on skill-building—learning how to learn.
  • The Study Skills Coach will listen to your needs and concerns to focus the session. Sometimes you will be struggling but will not be sure where your difficulty lies. If you meet more than once, it will be easier to identify recurring problems or skill deficits that need to be addressed.
  • Your immediate goal might be studying for an exam that is coming up very soon. A more long-term goal might be learning how to overcome procrastination, or ensuring that you attend class and organize the course material efficiently in early preparation for tests and exams.
  • A Study Skills Coach will discuss a plan for on-going work between coaching sessions, and will help set goals at a level that will lead to greater success.
  • If a Study Skills Coach is not able to provide needed services, they will support you in seeking out help from appropriate services on campus.

Remember: Coaching sessions are confidential. Coaches are NOT tutors. To be matched with a tutor, please see requirements.

Make an appointment

Coaching meetings are tailored to individual student needs and are available by appointment or drop-in during posted office hours. Please Note: students who have booked appointments will have priority.

Unable to come to campus?

If you have questions related to any area of study skills, please email your questions to: Remember to include your name and Banner number (B00xxxxxx). If you would like to contact a specific Study Skills coach, please visit our Make an Appointment section for email addresses.

If you would like to speak with someone in person, please call our main office at (902) 494.3077.