If you are looking for assistance in understanding specific course content and assignments, or preparing for tests and exams, our tutors are able to help. Students can request tutors, who may meet online or in person, based on preference. All request forms should be emailed to us at sfs@dal.ca. Study skills assessment (and other) appointments with study coaches are being done both in-person and virtually. 

Disclaimer: While every effort is made to have tutors in a wide range of courses, our office makes no guarantee that there will be available tutors for every tutoring request. 

Requesting a tutor: 3 easy steps

  1. Read, complete, and sign the Tutee Request Form and the Tutee Agreement/Code of Ethics

  2. Email the completed, signed forms (Tutee Request Form and Tutee Agreement) to sfs@dal.ca

  3. Make an appointment for a BRIEF study skills assessment, which needs to take place BEFORE you are matched with a tutor.

*Please pay your tutors directly!*

Fees are $20/hr (as stated in the tutee ethics agreement and the tutoring constitution)

Please Note:
Once you initially submit your tutoring paperwork and attend your assessment appointment, there is no need to follow this procedure (above) every time you require a new tutor in the future. Simply email sfs@dal.ca to find out if we have an available tutor in your requested course, and if there is, you will then be matched/re-matched with a tutor.

All rules and regulations for tutoring can be found in detail in the Tutoring Constitution.