Other Resources

Chemistry Concept Room & Resource Centre

The Chemistry Resource Centre is staffed by chemistry graduate students and advanced undergraduate students who are there to provide assistance to students enrolled in first and second-year chemistry courses with both lab and course material. For more information on this, contact the department.

Computer Science Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is available to all Computer Science students. Teaching Assistants on staff can help with concepts taught in the core Computer Science classes, and will try to help with the non-core courses.

Math/Statistics Learning Centre

Helps students enrolled in core Mathematics and Statistics classes. For specific information on their services, visit their web site.

Student Accessibility Centre

Provides assistance for students with varying degrees and types of disabilities in order to maximize education opportunity and academic potential.

Writing Centre

Remember also to maintain academic integrity throughout your school career, with regard to doing assignments and exams. Practice respect, honesty and fairness in your academic life. If you’re having difficulty with your writing or you’re not sure how to avoid plagiarism, please contact the Writing Centre.