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Who we are and what we do

Advisors in the Student Accessibility Centre (Halifax Campus) and the Student Success Centre (Agricultural Campus) serve as Dalhousie’s centres for expertise on student accessibility and accommodation. Our work is governed by Dalhousie’s Student Accommodation Policy, to best support the needs of Dalhousie students. Our teams work with students who request accommodation as a result of:

  • disability 
  • religious obligation 
  • an experienced barrier related to any other characteristic protected under Canadian Human Rights legislation

We also engage with faculty, staff, parents and prospective students, who have questions regarding access and accommodation.

Advisors are here to help

Advisors support Dalhousie and King's students at the undergraduate, graduate, professional and diploma levels. We can help you to:

  • create a plan to address classroom and exam accommodations 
  • create a plan to address non-academic accommodations 
  • access note-taking support 
  • identify appropriate technology to support your learning
  • apply for disability-related funding 
  • obtain e-texts through direct publisher requests
  • connect with on and off-campus resources and supports
  • build self- advocacy skills
  • navigate accessibility challenges

Connect with us (Dalhousie and King's students)

Early consultation is encouraged to ensure appropriate planning for any of your needs that may include accommodations.

Advisors meet with you to determine areas to facilitate your success, and if accommodations are required, we ensure those accommodations are put in place by working with your instructors.


Our work is governed by Dalhousie's Student Accommodation Policy which reads in part:

"This policy forms part of a broader, ongoing commitment to create a fully accessible university community, and acknowledges that, through dialogue, the university can better understand the nature and extent of campus barriers to accessibility. It is the responsibility of every member of the Dalhousie University community to be knowledgeable on institutional policies related to prohibited grounds for discriminatory practices and accessibility."