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Agricultural Campus Student Success Centre

Dairy Building
11 River Rd., Truro
tel: 902-893-6672
fax: 902-893-6545

Interim Director, Student Success Centre, Agricultural Campus

Carolyn Bartlett
tel: 902-896-7022

Bissett Student Success Centre: Academic Advising and Career Services

Student Union Building, rm. 426
6136 University Ave.
tel: 902-494-3077
fax: 902-494-6797

Senior Advisor on Retention and Director of Student Academic Success

Heather Doyle
tel: 902-494-6456



Black Student Advising Centre

1321 Edward St., 2nd floor
tel: 902-494-6648
fax: 902-494-8013

Black Student Advisor

Oluronke Taiwo
tel: 902-494-2210
cell: 902-880-4602

Career Services

Student Union Building, rm. 426
6136 University Ave.
tel: 902-494-3537

Director, Career Services

Karen McCrank
tel: 902-494-4120


Indigenous Student Centre

1321 Edward Street, 1st floor

Indigenous Student Advisor

Michele Graveline
tel: 902-494-8863
fax: 902-494-3875

International Centre

LeMarchant Place, 1st floor
1246 LeMarchant St.
tel: 902-494-1566


Cynthia J. Murphy
tel: 902-494-1735


Multifaith Services

Student Union Building, rm. 407
tel: 902-494-2287
fax: 902-494-2698

Registrar's Office

Henry Hicks Building, rm. 130
6299 South St.
tel: 902-494-2450
toll-free: 866-729-4400
fax: 902-494-1630

Sexton Campus, Enrolment Services Centre

1360 Barrington St., Building B

Truro Campus, Enrolment Services Centre

Cumming Hall, 2nd Floor
tel: 902-893-6722
toll-free: 888-700-6722
fax: 902-895-5529

Assistant Vice-Provost, Student Affairs &
University Registrar

Adam Robertson
tel: 902-494-4860

Associate Registrar and Director of Academic Regulations and Services

Beth Cann
tel: 902-494-4547


Acting Associate Registrar & Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Alyson Murray
tel: 902-494-8350

Associate Registrar, Director of Student Information and Systems

Angela McKinnon
tel: 902-494-3497

Residence Life

tel: 902.494.7077

Interim Director, Residence Life

Verity Turpin
tel: 902-494-7447


Residence Life Manager, Shirreff Hall & Mini Residences

Laara Richardson
tel: 902-494-2116

Acting Residence Life Manager, Risley Hall, LeMarchant Place, Glengary Apartments

Allana Hiscock
tel: 902-494-7169

Residence Life Manager, Gerard Hall, Graduate House & Howe Hall (Smith & Bronson Houses)

Jeff Wilson
tel: 902-494-1485

Residence Life Manager, Howe Hall (Studley, Henderson, Fountain & Cameron Houses)

Brandon Randall
tel: 902-494-1055

Acting Residence Education Administrator

Cory Larsen
tel: 902-494-3366

Manager, Residence Conduct

Candace Fougere
tel: 902-494-4140

Residence Conduct Coordinator

Kelly Crowell
tel: 902-494-3837

Student Accessibility Centre

Killam Memorial Library, rm. G28, main level
6225 University Ave.
tel: 902-494-2836
fax: 902-494-6797

Director, Student Access and Academic Support
Quenta Adams
tel: 902-494-1924

Student Affairs Communications and Marketing

Killam Library, Room G25, main level

Interim Director, Student Affairs Communications and Marketing

Lisa Holmes
tel: 902-494-2284


Student Conduct Office

Student Union Building, rm. 442
6136 University Ave.

Manager, Student Conduct

Position Currently Vacant
tel: 902-494-4140

Student Health & Wellness Centre

LeMarchant Place, 2nd floor
1246 LeMarchant St.
tel: 902-494-2171
fax: 902-494-6872

Medical Director, Student Health and Wellness

Glenn Andrea

Director, Counselling and Psychological Services, Student Health and Wellness

David Pilon
tel: 902-494-2081


Director of Operations, Student Health and Wellness

Krista Cross

Student Life

Student Union Building, rm. 446
6136 University Ave.
tel: 902-494-7077

Interim Director, Student Life

Cynthia J. Murphy
tel: 902-494-1735


Coordinator, Student Engagement

Rigel Biscione Cruz
tel: 902-494-4306


Studying for Success

Student Union Building rm. 426
6136 University Ave.
tel. 902-494-3077

Coordinator, Studying for Success

Jessica Chubb

Writing Centre

Killam Memorial Library, rm. G28, main level
6225 University Ave.
tel: 902.494.1963

Manager, Writing Centre

Margie Clow-Bohan
tel: 902-494-3379

Writing Advisor, Faculty of Agriculture



About Student Affairs

Student Affairs is a collection of integrated units that collaborates with faculty, staff and students to enhance the student experience. We promote an inclusive, holistic and student-centric approach to learning and academic success and act as a professional resource in the delivery of evidence-based student enrolment, wellness, development and academic support programs and services. Learn more about Student Affairs at Dalhousie