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All non-essential in-person events cancelled or postponed

In line with Public Health advice, non-essential university-sanctioned in-person events are cancelled or postponed at this time. For more information, please visit dal.ca/coronavirus

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January 2021

Friday, January 1  
Saturday, January 2  
Sunday, January 3  
Monday, January 4 12-5pm: DSU Food Bank (SUB Basement)
2-3pm: Orientation Welcome Session
Tuesday, January 5 2-3pm: Student Code of Conduct - Live Webinar
Wednesday, January 6 9-10am: Quarantine Plan Q&A Session
6-7pm: Meet Your Fellow Aggies
6-7:30pm: NS ACORN HFX-Peninsula Chapter Meeting
Thursday, January 7 11am-12pm: Faculty of Science Q&A (with Drop-In from the Faculty Dean)
1-5pm: DSU Food Bank (SUB Basement)
2-3pm: Orientation Speed Friending
5-6pm: Austism Community Group
6-7pm: Orientation Speed Friending
6pm: Dal After Dark Virtual Among Us Night
Friday, January 8 9-10am: Meet the International Centre Team
12pm: Faculty of Arts Orientation
6pm: Dal After Dark Among Us Night
Saturday, January 9 5pm: Dal After Dark Virtual Cooking Together Night
Sunday, January 10  
Monday, January 11 12-5pm: DSU Food Bank (SUB Basement)
Tuesday, January 12 10-10:45am: Welcome to Dalhousie Libraries!
12:05-12:50pm: Graduate Student Drop-in Group
5-6:30pm: Eating Disorder Drop-in Group
Wednesday, January 13 2-3pm: Cite it right! with Dal Libraries
Thursday, January 14 9:30am-12:30pm: Faculty of Computer Science Undergraduate Orientation
1-5pm: DSU Food Bank (SUB Basement)
2-3pm: Coping with Change: A "New Normal" Coping Group
5:45-6:45pm: What is Marxism?
Friday, January 15 7pm: Dal After Dark Virtual Documentary Film Night
Saturday, January 16 6pm: Dal After Dark Virtual Super Smash Bros Ultimate Night
7:30pm: Heist Takeover: Age of Aquarius
Sunday, January 17 4pm: 2021 Robert Crouse Memorial Lecture
Monday, January 18 12-5pm: DSU Food Bank (SUB Basement)
Tuesday, January 19 11:30am-12pm: Need to find an electronic book (ebook) at Dalhousie Libraries?
12:05-12:50pm: Graduate Student Drop-in Group
4-5:30pm: Dalhousie Mental Health Forum
5-6:30pm: Eating Disorder Drop-in Group
7pm: SnO Week - Jackbox Games Night
Wednesday, January 20 1-2pm: Researching for Literature Reviews
4-6pm: The Inquiring Mind Workshop
7pm: Moving Through Trauma: Indigenous Futurism, Survivance, and the Apocalypse in The Marrow Thieves
7-9pm: SnO Week - Movie Night
Thursday, January 21 12-1pm: David Schroeder Music and Culture Series with Estelle Joubert
1-5pm: DSU Food Bank (SUB Basement)
2-3pm: Coping with Change: A "New Normal" Coping Group
7-8pm: SnO Week - The Hot Seat Live Trivia
7-9pm: Can I Get A Witness?: Hip‑Hop Book Launch and Benefit Show
Friday, January 22 7pm: Dal After Dark Virtual Ghibli Movie Night
Saturday, January 23 6pm: Dal After Dark Virtual Movie Night
7pm: Dal After Dark Virtual Queer Trivia
Sunday, January 24  
Monday, January 25 All day: Winter Pride Massages with Safer Space Massage
12-5pm: DSU Food Bank (SUB Basement)
1-1:45pm: Welcome to Dalhousie Libraries!
5pm: Queer Yoga Night
Tuesday, January 26 All day: Winter Pride Massages with Safer Space Massage
12:05-12:50pm: Graduate Student Drop-in Group
2pm: Trans Health Self Advocacy Workshop
5-6:30pm: Eating Disorder Drop-in Group
7pm: Queer Mentorship Night
Wednesday, January 27 10-11am: Introduction to Citation Management - Zotero
10am-2pm: Blood Donation at the SUB
12-1pm: Naloxone Training
12:30-1:30pm: Safe Space for White Questions
3pm: A Talk with The Marrow Thieves Author Cherie Dimaline
3pm: 2SLGBTQIA+ Health and Wellness Workshop
3-5pm: Viola Desmond Legacy Lecutre featuring Michèle Audette
7:30pm: Queerlesque Workshop
Thursday, January 28 10am-2pm: Blood Donation at the SUB
11:30am-1pm: Professional Career Development Group
1-5pm: DSU Food Bank (SUB Basement)
2-3pm: Coping with Change: A "New Normal" Coping Group
3pm: Winter Pride Hip Hop Workshop with House of Eights
7-8:30pm: Pronoun Competency Workshop for Faculty and Staff
Friday, January 29 10am: Winter Pride Free Professional Headhots
7pm: Dal After Dark Virtual Sci-Fi Movie Night
7:30-9:30pm: Queer Movie Night with Shayla Shenanigans
Saturday, January 30 7pm: Dal After Dark Virtual Karaoke Competition
8pm: Karaoke and Drag Night
Sunday, December 31