Halifax Student Events

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November 2019

November 13 7pm: Women's Ice Hockey vs. StFX
November 14 - November 19
Halifax Taco Week 2019
November 14 3pm: Puppy Power Hour
5pm: BBQ & Glow in the Dark Frisbee
November 15 2pm: Information Session with IRCC and NSOI
7pm: Women's Ice Hockey vs. St. Thomas
November 16 6pm: 24th Annual Chronicle Herald Holiday Parade of Lights
7pm: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Acadia
7:30pm: Swing with the Fishes 2019
November 17 2pm: Women's Volleyball vs. Acadia
November 18 5pm: Monday Night Meal
November 19 4:30pm: Studying 101: How to Study Effectively 
5pm: Immigration & International Travel – Important Tips
November 20 4pm: Exam Anxiety Workshop
5pm: A Taste From Around the World
6pm: Setting SMART Goals 
November 21 4pm: Managing Time & Avoiding Procrastination 
5pm: Cookie Decorating Social
7pm: We Talk Tech
7pm: Jingle Mingle 2019
8:30pm: T-Room Comedy Thursday
November 22 - November 24 2019 Dalplex Christmas Craft Market
November 22 2:30pm: Presentation & Speaking Skills
5pm: International Cultural Village
6pm: Government Technology Hackathon
9pm: Movember Benefit Concert
November 23 10am: Winter Clothing Giveaway
7pm: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Moncton
November 25 11:30am: International Learning Experiences: Information Session
5pm: Monday Night Meal
5pm: Note-taking & Listening Techniques
November 26 4:30pm: Effective Reading Strategies
5pm: Health Administration Open House
November 27 5pm: Language Spot: Christmas Tree Decoration & Holiday Treats
6:30pm: Get Focused: Concentration and Memorization
7pm: Men's Ice Hockey vs. StFX
November 28 6:30pm: Short Answer & Essay Exams: Avoiding the Blank Page
November 29 10am: Coffee & Complain
11:30am: A, B, OR C? Strategies for multiple choice exams
6pm: Men's Volleyball vs. Sherbrooke
6:15pm: Evening of Climbing at Ground Zero
6:30pm: Talent Show 
7pm: Women's Ice Hockey vs. UPEI
8pm: Bubble Soccer
10pm: T-Party '100 Days to Iron Ring'
November 30 12pm: Christmas by the Sea Outdoor Market
1pm: Men's Volleyball vs. Sherbrooke
7pm: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Moncton
9:30pm: Dive-In Movie Night: Jaws

December 2019

December 2 10am: Coffee & Complain
11:30am: International Learning Experience: Information Session
5:30pm: Monday Night Meal
December 3 4pm: Dalhousie Mental Health Forum
5pm: Immigration Options for Dependents of International Students
December 4 11am: Student VIP International Information Booth
December 5 3pm: Puppy Power Hour
December 9 5:30pm: Monday Night Meal
December 12 3pm: Puppy Power Hour
December 20 5pm: Language Spot: Boar Games and Pizza Night
December 27 6pm: Paint Night