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Halifax Student Events

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April 2018

April 29
(9am-5pm) Halifax Dump and Run
(3pm) To Tell Dalhousie's Story (George Elliot Clarke with Tim Crofts)

May 2018

May 11
(2pm) Faculty of Agriculture Convocation (Truro)
May 28
(9am) Faculties of Medicine and Graduate Studies Convocation 
(12:30pm) Schulich School of Law and Faculty of Graduate Studies Convocation
(4pm) Faculties of Health, Dentistry, and Graduate Studies Convocation
May 29
(9am, 12:30pm) Faculties of Management and Graduate Studies Convocations
May 30
(9am, 12:30pm) Faculty of Engineering Convocations
(4pm) Faculties of Health, Engineering, and Graduate Studies Convocation
May 31
(9am, 12:30pm) Faculties of Health and Graduate Studies Convocations


June 2018

June 1
(9am, 12:30pm, 4pm) Faculties of Science and Graduate Studies Convocations 
June 2
(9am) Faculty of Architecture and Planning Convocation
(9am) Faculty of Computer Science Convocation
(12:30pm) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Convocation
June 2-3 Doors Open Halifax
June 26-July 2 Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Festival


July 2018

June 26-July 2 Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Festival
July 1
Canada Day
July 10-15 TD Halifax Jazz Festival
July 19-29 Halifax Pride


August 2018

August 1-6 Halifax International Busker Festival
August 3-6 Halifax-Dartmouth Natal Day
August 29-31 International Student Orientation
Thursday, August 30 ABLE @ Dal Orientation
Friday, August 31 Start on Track Orientation


September 2018

September 4
Classes begin, Fall term
Last day to register for courses