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Family & Friends

Congratulations on your student's acceptance to Dalhousie!

The transition to university is a big step not only for students but also for the family members and friends who support them. Here you will find information about supporting your student during their time at Dal. 


Financial Support

These financial resources will help your student estimate their costs, create a budget, and develop a plan. 

Academic Support

If your student begins to experience difficulties with the academic transition to university, you can encourage them to:

Career Support

The Student Success Centre: Academic Advising and Career Services offers students everything from resume review to leadership experience. Encourage your student to: 

Your student's health

Your student's safety

Dalhousie University has on-campus Security Services that are accessible 24/7. They provide a number of services including: 

International Information

Is your student new to Canada? Encourage them to visit the International Centre to learn more about the transition.

Information for Residence

Is your student living in residence? Learn more about early baggage drop-off and more with these resources and programs.

Information for Off-Campus

Is your student living off-campus? Encourage them to visit our Off-Campus Living website to learn more about living in Halifax or Truro.

Important Dates & Reminders

Help your student get ready for September by reminding them of important dates and answering their questions using our Checklist and Helpful Tips.