Helping your student with the decision-making process

Choosing a program of study can be an overwhelming decision for a student. As a family or friend, it is important for you to encourage communication, be open about their choices, and be patient. 

Exploring their options

To help them through their decision-making process, we have provided some helpful questions that will help self-discovery and understanding. Encourage them to connect with an admissions advisor. A few questions our advisors may ask:

  • What are your strengths? What interests you the most? 
  • What are your best subjects in high school? 
  • What extracurricular activities interest you? 
  • Have you gone to any events on campus that could help you choose your major or program? (i.e. Open House, information sessions, campus tour)
  • Have you met with any faculty and/or teaching assistant to talk about the major/program that you are interested in? Select "class observation" within your campus tour

Choosing a degree program

If they are applying directly from high school, they will be given the option to select up to three programs on one undergraduate application form in the order of their preference. 

Your student should also consider the entry requirements for the programs they are considering, as some courses require minimum grades in specific subjects or supplemental information.

Remember: the program they choose is not set in stone

The average student in North America will change their program of study three times, so if they are undecided on a career path, remind them that a university education is about experiencing new ways of thinking. Many students use their first year of study to explore courses and learn more about where their interests lie.

International students

View our English language requirements to ensure your student has the language skills needed to be successful. If your student needs to upgrade their English, consider our English for Academic Purposes programs.

The application process

Visit for all of the steps that your student will need to follow to apply to the university including important dates, the application process, and more. 

Financing their degree

How much university will cost is a major factor that can impact your student's decisions. Our Money Matters website provdes answers to many of the questions your student may have about tuition, budgets, loans, bursaries, and dealing with money.