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Technology Supports

Read and Write software available for Dalhousie Students

Read and Write - a text to speech software program - is now available to Dalhousie students. Get your free copy today!

Assistive technology comes in many forms: e-readers, voice-recognition software, smart phones, screen-enhancing magnifiers, and FM systems are only a few examples.

Assistive technologies are designed to:

  • reduce or remove barriers to help you achieve your academic and personal goals
  • provide equitable access to information and support
  • assist or refine your academic performance

We provide training on, and access to, some forms of assistive technology. Send us an email access@dal.ca for details.

Whether you are already using tools to support your academic success, you may also wish to explore the options below:

Software Function
Kurzweil 3000 Text-to-speech software that allows students with print-related disabilities to have a textbook read aloud
Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech-to-text software that allows students to control computer functions and to dictate their papers and assignments
Inspiration Graphical outlining tool which enables you to compose and organize thoughts visually in addition to textually
JAWS Screen-reading software used by students who are blind or are otherwise visually impaired. This software provides auditory information to access all computer functions and programs
ZoomText Magnifier/screen reader software for the vision impaired. This program enables you to see and hear what is on the computer screen and enables access to applications, documents, email and the internet
textHelp/Read Write Text to Speech software with a floating toolbar available to use with multiple computer applications. Available for free at software.dal.ca
Key to Access A device the size of a pack of gum contains a variety of assistive software tools such as a talking calculator, text to audio, a universal reader

This ‘smart pen’ records a lecture or other spoken words as you write. While you're taking your notes, the pen records audio that's linked to whatever you're writing

Hardware Function
Optelec CCTV video magnifier to enlarge text and graphics for those with low vision
Ergonomic Chair/Workstation

With independently adjustable keyboard and monitor position

Magnifying Lamp Adjustable-arm lamp designed for individuals with visual disabilities
Luxo Lamp Full light spectrum illumination for those with certain light sensitivities
Podium For students who may need to stand instead of sit during exams and tests
Large Computer Screens For students with limited vision
High speed computer and scanners For creating alternate format texts

Other technology-based supports include portable word processors, digital voice recorders, and noise-blocking head phones.

Interested in learning more?

You may be able to borrow from our small library of assistive technology. Contact us for more details.

You may also want to check out these videos on assistive technologies. Explore mind mapping, time management, note taking tools and others!

Financial assistance may be available to purchase Assistive Technology.