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ABLE @ Dal Programming

Orientation for students with disabilities

Able@Dal is an orientation program created exclusively for Dalhousie students (and their families) who will be receiving accommodations due to a permanent disability. Led by staff and students, Able@Dal focuses on skill development and learning strategies that are essential to your success at Dalhousie.

Able@Dal is your opportunity to meet other students with disabilities to share experiences, ask questions, learn more about on- and off-campus supports.

After attending Able@Dal students overwhelmingly reported feeling more confident in their ability to receive the accommodations and support they need, as well as a better understanding of all of the resources and supports on campus.

All students requesting academic accommodations are expected to attend Able@Dal on Thursday, August 31, 2017, beginning at 8:30am.

Already attended Able@Dal?

Check back here regularly. We are holding periodic follow-up sessions to re-connect with new friends, while continuing to develop skills required for a successful first year of university.