Grades & Student Records

Grades are used to determine your status in your degree program, to allocate awards and other honours and will be considered by graduate schools, prospective employers and others. Student academic records are maintained by the Registrar's Office.

A transcript is an official copy of a student's academic record. Dalhousie University is a member of the MyCreds™ network, through which students are provided with a digital credential wallet. They can view and share digitized and easily transferable post-secondary transcripts from anywhere and at any time. Documents issued via the network are genuine, tamper-proof, and legally recognized. Printed transcripts are available by request via Dal Online.

There may be times when you need to provide a third party with proof of registration, graduation or the awarding of a degree but do not need to provide your full academic record. For letters confirming registration, a PDF confirmation of enrolment can be downloaded from your Dal Online account under the Student Records menu option of Web for Students. For letters confirming your eligibility to graduate or the awarding of a degree, please fill out the Request for a Letter of Confirmation form [PDF - 362kB] and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

Information for parents

The university's policy on student records guarantees each student the right to keep his or her records private, including professors' names, course schedules and grade reports.

Dalhousie Agricultural Campus Students

Visit the Enrolment Services Centre for information about grades and student records.

Dalhousie Graduate Students

Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies Forms & Documents site (login required) for information about grades and student records.