Balancing Your Workload

Study, work, play

Balancing the demands of academic work and part-time jobs, extra-curricular activities, family and leisure can be challenging. Finding balance can prove a struggle. But like any good habit, it's a skill that you'll benefit from throughout your lifetime. The sooner you get it right, the more in control you'll feel.

Managing your time

The key to managing your time is to set up a schedule. Once you have a schedule, it's important to respect the boundaries you set and allow for flexibility. If you've decided to spend a night studying and a friend calls to go out, weigh the opportunity against your priorities and goals.

Don't just schedule time to study...

  • Schedule time to relax
    Take a timeout—whether it's meditation, visual arts, a puzzle or rock climbing, relaxing can make stressful times more manageable.

  • Make time for exercise
    Even one-off spurts of exercise can be an excellent stress-buster. Go for a walk, ride a bike, hike or do anything physical you enjoy.

  • Do something social
    Doing something with friends can really help you feel better about things. Go out for a bite to eat, rent a movie together or go for a hike.

Managing your workload

If you are trying to find a balance with your school, work and life commitments, talk to one of our study coaches—they can help. Studying for Success also offers a number of free workshops designed to help you reduce anxiety and get your workload under control.

Managing stress and anxiety

Stress, anxiety, depression and a wide array of personal problems are common in your university years. If you're experiencing any of these difficulties, the Student Health & Wellness Centre offers confidential assistance from qualified professional counsellors and a variety workshops to help you meet the challenges you are facing.