Apply to graduate

To be considered for Convocation, students must apply to graduate through Dal Online, under Student Records.  On the first page, just click the submit button to start the application to graduate; the drop-down box is not the graduation term.

  • For Spring Convocation, you must apply by December 1
  • For Fall Convocation, the deadline is July 2.
  • Dates and instructions on how to apply are available on the Convocation website.

There is no fee to apply before the deadline and no fee to cancel before May 1 for Spring or Sept 1 for Fall Convocation.  So even if you're not sure you'll complete your requirements in time or haven't yet finalized your registration, apply before the deadline.

If you miss the deadline to apply to graduate, Apply to Graduate through Dal Online then contact the Registrar's Office to pay the $50 late fee and to check that the late request can be accommodated.

On track to graduate?

Check that you're meeting the requirements for your program by reviewing your Degree Audit (DARS) in Dal Online. Graduate Studies students should also check program approvals under the Grad Studies tab in Dal Online.

What's Convocation?

Convocation is the graduation ceremony where you will walk across the stage in your gown and academic hood and receive your parchment (the physical document that indicates that you've completed your program). You can invite up to two guests, though you may be able to request more depending upon availability. Find out more about Convocation (dates, tradition, special attire) through the Convocation website.

If you are an international student who wants to invite family and friends from your home country to attend your convocation, you must write a letter of invitation to enable your visitor to get a temporary resident visa. For more information, visit the international centre website.