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What is Your Grade Point Average?

Letter grades have a numerical value, called a Grade Point Value, which is used to calculate your grade point average (GPA). Your GPA is used to determine:

  • whether you can remain enrolled in your degree program (academic standing)
  • whether you can graduate
  • your admissibility to other schools, other programs or for another degree after completion of your undergraduate degree

Calculate your GPA

In order to use the calculators you’ll need to be familiar with the terms below. For official definitions of the terms used in this section refer to Regulation 17.1, under Academic Regulations in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

  • Term Grade Point Average (GPA) : The grade point average for only those courses which are attempted in a single term.
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): The grade point average of all courses attempted after admission to Dalhousie.  Changing degrees may impact how your CGPA is calculated. If you have questions, contact an advisor.
  • Credit hours: The number of hours a course is worth. A one-term (aka half-credit) course is typically worth 3 credit hours. A full-year (aka full-credit) course is typically worth 6 credit hours. If you withdraw from a course with a W or receive a grade of ILL, the course is worth 0 credit hours. Make sure you do not include these courses when you calculate how many credit hours you've attempted so far.

For 'your information' below, easily find your CGPA (aka Level GPA) and GPA hours at the bottom of your Degree Audit in Dal Online.


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Disclaimer: This GPA calculator is designed to help you estimate your grade point average. The GPA calculator is only applicable to undergraduate degrees. Your official cumulative and term grade point averages are located on your Academic Record. Always rely on the official grade point average reported on your Academic Record.

The calculator does not take into account the university's policy on repeated courses. Please see Regulation 17.4 in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar, under Academic Regulations, for more details. Contact an advisor for help with seeing what your GPA would be if repeating a course.