Information for Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff Guide to Student Accommodation and Student Accessibility

The Student Accessibility Centre has created a guide to educate faculty and staff on student accommodation and accessibility, to advise about strategies and tools for inclusive classrooms, and to outline the steps required to implement a student's accommodations. Download the full Faculty & Staff Guide to Student Accommodation and Student Accessibility (pdf - 1.1 MB).

About Us

Staff in the Student Accessibility Centre and Student Success Centre work closely with faculty and other administrators regarding various aspects of accessibility - both inside and outside of the classroom; academic and extra-curricular.

Staff gather information and consult with faculty on how to best support a student with accommodations.

To ensure successful implementation of a student’s accommodations, Centre staff often work with colleagues from areas such as Human Rights and Equity Services, Student Health and Wellness, the Ombudsperson, and the Centre for Learning and Teaching. While Dalhousie has a legal obligation to provide accommodations, we have an obligation to our community to remove barriers to access.

Centre staff also advocate on behalf of, and alongside students to support their transition into and through their academic program. We are all partners in this process.

Centre staff can serve as a resource as you work to incorporate Universal Design for Learning principles and promote inclusivity in your classroom.

Our team is here to support you if you have questions about your role in implementing a student’s accommodations.