A confidential and impartial resource for students

Dalhousie University and the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) have joined together to create an Ombudsperson Office for all students at Dalhousie. 

What an ombudsperson does:

  • Provides independent, impartial and confidential support to students who want to resolve any university-related concerns
  • Advises of rights and responsibilities, and procedures to follow to resolve university-related concerns
  • Facilitates discussions between appropriate university administrators
  • Makes referrals to appropriate offices and resources within the university

The ombudsperson will also make recommendations for changes in university policies and procedures based on trends and patterns they see. 

Examples of when you could reach out to the ombudsperson:

  • You want to discuss a sensitive issue in confidence, including:
    - Student and supervisor/instructor/professor relationships
    - Abuse of power, bullying, or unfair treatment
    - Fear of coming forward or of acting to stop unacceptable behaviour
  • You are unsure about which rules, policies or procedures apply to your situation
  • You feel that a particular rule or policy has been applied unfairly 
  • You feel that your learning has been affected by the conduct and behaviour of another person
  • You require someone to help facilitate communication between you and a university administrator 

Full list of university policies, procedures and guidelines

How to contact the ombudsperson:

Student Union Building
6136 University Ave.
4th Floor, Room 452

About the ombudsperson

Diane Hawco has a background in social work, law and mediation training and education. She brings several years of diverse experience to this role including acting as a mediator, conciliator, and most recently, worked within the Victim Services division of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice. She has also recently been granted a three-year appointment as a justice of the peace for the province of Nova Scotia. Diane is a member of the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons  (ACCUO) and the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman.