Exam Accommodations

In-person Exams

The Student Accessibility Centre has resumed invigilation services for courses with on-site quizzes, tests and exams. 

To schedule a quiz/test/exam with onsite invigilation two (2) online submissions are required (one from the faculty, one from the student). You must log in to Accommodate with your Net ID and password to access the form:

  1. Faculty submit their quiz/test/exam details upon receipt of a student's accommodation (once per test/exam, not per student)
  2. Students submit their exam request no later than 7 days in advance of each quiz/test/exam in the fall and winter terms and 3 weeks prior to the start of December and April finals

You can confirm the students scheduled to write your quiz, test, exam via Accommodate. Use the quick-start user guide for further information. Please ensure that we have the requisite number of exams per students writing – delivered in person or through Accommodate.

The Centre’s staff will implement all testing accommodations and invigilate according to your instructions.

The student will be required to write with their class if they miss these deadlines.

Virtual Exams

If you are holding online exams, you are to apply the accommodation of extra time directly to the online testing platform (e.g. Brightspace). This blog page explains how to add extra time for accommodations, and this page enables instructors to grant learner accommodations through the Classlist tool (log-in required).

For further assistance, contact Brightspace directly intech@dal.ca

With the combination of additional writing time and stop time breaks, we have created this reference sheet to assist in calculating a student's time extension:

Time Extension Calculator in Minutes [PDF 127kb] - updated January 7, 2021


If a student discloses exam anxiety, check out this resource.