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Writing Centre

A free service to students who want to improve their writing skills

We offer support in all subjects—from academic assignments to dissertations—for both undergraduate and graduate students. We meet with you individually to discuss your work and we also offer events and seminars. We are not a proofreading or editing service—our goal is to teach you to write independently.

Of special interest are the following areas of writing:

  • Research papers and course assignments
  • Sourcing and citing research material (documenting sources)
  • Grammar, punctuation, and mechanics of writing
  • In-class presentations
  • Business writing
  • Applications/letters of intent for admission and scholarships
  • Collaborative/joint writing practices
  • Interdisciplinary writing
  • Technical writing: Science and Engineering
  • English as Another Language (ESL/EAL) support (English Language Learning)

Make an appointment or attend a seminar

We offer one-on-one consultations as well as group seminars. Make an appointment or check out our seminars and events schedule.

Other services we provide

  • For faculty
We offer in-class visits, workshops, tutors, consultations on designing your courses to improve student writing, and more. See more information for faculty.

  • Resource Guide
    Our Resource Guide offers information on academic writing, provides sample papers, and includes notes and links on writing issues and documents.

  • Academic Integrity Learning Module
    Learn the conventions and practices of academic integrity.

  • Read the Article in The Centre for Learning and Teaching Journal 'Focus', Spring 2013, p. 6
    Supporting Student Academic Success at Canadian Universities by Dr. Margie Clow-Bohan

Self Disclosure and Confidentiality at the Writing Centre

Academic assignments, course progress, and matters of a personal and private nature can be discussed with Student Services’ advisors, coaches or tutors. Your discussion with advisors, coaches or tutors will be considered confidential with three exceptions:

  • When an advisor, coach or tutor believes that you may be at risk of harm to yourself or someone else;
  • When an advsior, coach or tutor becomes aware that a crime has been committed; or
  • When you communicate or do something that is a violation of university policy.

We take your well-being and your right to privacy seriously. We also take our responsibility to uphold academic integrity standards seriously.

We encourage you to review and become familiar with Dalhousie's list of Academic Policies.