Seminars & Events


The following free seminars are open to all Dalhousie and Kingʼs students:

Academic Integrity Seminars

The Writing Centre offers two Brightspace-based Academic Integrity seminars.

Academic Integrity Principles gives a general overview of academic integrity and describes some common AI failures such as data falsification, improper collaboration and plagiarism. It also presents some assignment analysis and time management techniques to help students avoid such failures in the future. To self-enrol in the seminar, please click on the link. 

Citing Materials is focused on citation and avoiding plagiarism. Students learn how to identify and eliminate potential plagiarism in their own writing, the components of proper citation, and techniques for effective paraphrasing. To self-enrol in the seminar, please click on the link.

If you have any questions about the seminars, please contact Dr. Adam Auch


Academic Integrity Module

The Writing Centre Academic Integrity Module is completed online with registration needed. You can self-register from the Writing Centre website, but you may find it easier to have somebody register you. One additional follow-up session after completing the Module is recommended. Please contact Janice MacDonald Eddington if you have questions about registering for either the Module or the follow-up session.


Writing Week at Dalhousie  &
Our Ongoing Grad Student Writing Support Group

We meet Mondays at 9:00am and 4:00pm ADT on Collaborate and discuss our daily, weekly, and long-term writing goals and check in with each other. Please email Kala Hirtle if you are interested in joining. 


Drop-In Sessions

At peak periods of demand the Writing Centre offers drop-in sessions, this year, held over Collaborate.

Our November 2017, 2018, and 2019 drop-ins were part of the International Write-ins under the International Writing Center Association. Dalhousie was the only Canadian university that took part.

Look here for updates on our Drop-in sessions.