Writing Week for Grads

Monday, May 7 - Friday, May 11, 2018

Are you finding it a challenge to start a writing project? Or finish one? Are you working on a paper for publication or perhaps you're contemplating that first chapter of your dissertation or thesis? We thought you might like a few days dedicated to writing in a supportive environment.

The concept is simple: you register, show up each day at 9 am, go off to write, then meet briefly at 4 pm to give a one-minute progress report. The pressure of the end-of-day report is often enough to propel students to write with a little more commitment. Sound interesting?

Writing schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9 am–4 pm
Friday: 9 am–noon, and a pizza lunch with writing strategy talks noon–1:00pm.

Sign up

Contact Janice at Janice.eddington@dal.ca to register.

Writing space

We don’t provide space to write, so plan to write in your offices or common areas—or at home or anywhere you feel comfortable. Reporting in at the beginning and end of each day is the critical element.

Opportunity for coaching

Appointments with Writing Centre personnel are available during the week. This opportunity might be especially advisable for students with English as an additional language.