What We Do

The Writing Centre is a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for learning and adapting to academic writing. Online appointments are ongoing (bookings available now), and in-person appointments will be available starting Monday, September 13 in the Killam Library Learning Commons, Room G40D (additional in-person locations to be added). 

We offer three types of appointments:

In-person Appointments: 
Meet with one of our tutors or advisors at the Killam Library Learning Commons, Room G40D and receive face-to-face feedback. 

Online Review Appointments: 
Send us your document, assignment details and guidelines, and Intake Form to writingc@dal.ca, and you will be matched with a tutor or advisor who will read through your document and make suggestions and offer feedback in the margins. We will then email your document back to you. We will return your assignment within 48 weekday hours (sooner where possible), so build this extra time into your time management plan for your assignments.

Video Appointments:
Meet with one of our tutors or advisors online and receive "face-to-face" feedback. On your Intake Form, please indicate that you would like a video appointment and offer a few times that fit your schedule, and send it, your document, and your assignment details and guidelines to us at writingc@dal.ca. We will then send you a video link for the scheduled appointment.

Note: You don’t need to send a finished paper to receive feedback. We will review or discuss papers at any point in their creation, including how to get started or getting some help understanding assignment guidelines and expectations.

To book an appointment, send the appointment request details (Intake Form), the paper you are working on (if you have a draft), and the assignment guidelines to: writingc@dal.ca