Academic Integrity


Learn the rules of university writing  

Academic integrity
includes ideas of ownership, scholarship, and acceptable behaviour. Learning the conventions and practices of academic disciplines takes effort.

To learn more about the rules surrounding academic integrity at Dalhousie, you can attend a seminar or schedule a one-on-one video chat with an advisor from the Writing Centre. The Writing Centre staff members are faculty members, staff members, and senior students who can help you with academic integrity issues—before they become problematic. Please email for an appointment.

Academic Integrity Online Module

If you have been asked to do the Academic Integrity Module as part of a specific class for the Fall 2020 term, you have already been enrolled in that version of the Module and should proceed to that version. Please email if you have questions. 


The  Writing Centre Academic Integrity Module is a scenario-based online learning module designed to support your understanding of the expectations of academic integrity at Dalhousie. These concepts and expectations are explained using straightforward language based on actual cases here at Dalhousie. There is also a quiz that provides you with immediate feedback.

One additional follow-up session after completing the Module is recommended; if you are completing the Module as part of an academic penalty, one follow-up session is required.  

You may already be automatically registered in the AIM through one of your courses. If so, you will see the “Writing Centre Academic Integrity Module” listed in your Brightspace Course List.

If you are not already registered, you are now able to self-register in the Academic Integrity Module.

To self register:

  1. Make sure you are logged out of Brightspace. The link below will not work if you are logged in.
  2. Self register.

If you're a student who would like to learn more about the Academic Integrity Module, or a faculty member interested in adding a Writing Centre academic integrity module for your students, please contact Janice MacDonald Eddington.