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Academic Integrity

Learn the rules of university writing  

Academic integrity
includes ideas of ownership, scholarship, and acceptable behaviour. Learning the conventions and practices of academic disciplines takes time.

To learn more about the rules surrounding academic integrity at Dalhousie, you can attend a seminar or come into the Writing Centre for a one-on-one appointment. The Writing Centre staff members are faculty members, staff members, and senior students who can help you with academic integrity issues—before they become problematic. Please call (902) 494-1963 or email writingcentre@dal.ca for an appointment.

Academic Integrity Online Module

The Writing Centre Academic Integrity Module is a scenario-based online learning module designed to support your understanding of the expectations of academic integrity at Dalhousie.

These concepts and expectations are explained using straightforward language based on actual cases here at Dalhousie. There is also a quiz that provides you with immediate feedback.