Academic Integrity


Academic integrity

Academic integrity is about being honest in the way you do your scholarly work.  

Essentially, it is the set of rules scholars and students must follow to be good citizens of the academic community. You will have many assignments (research papers, essays, lab reports, proposals, slide presentations, and others), and you will have to make sure that what you pass in for evaluation is completely your own, and that contributions of others (your sources) are used and acknowledged properly.  


Full details of Dalhousie’s policies and processes on academic integrity are available here from the University Secretariat. To learn more about the practices and rules surrounding academic integrity at Dalhousie using interactive material, quizzes, and feedback, you can also complete the above seminars and modules. We also encourage you to book a one-to-one video chat with an advisor from the Writing Centre to discuss how to apply these practices and rules to your work. The Writing Centre staff are faculty members, staff members, and senior students who can help you with academic integrity issues. Please email for an appointment.