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Halifax Campuses:

Bissett Student Success Centre
Rm. 426, 4th floor, Student Union Building (SUB)
For Tutoring: Drop off forms & pay at G28, Killam library
Phone: (902) 494.3077
Email: sfs@dal.ca
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Agricultural Campus:

Dairy Building, Truro
Phone: (902) 893.6672
Email: ssdalac@dal.ca


  • If you're looking to meet with a study skills coach, make an appointment during office hours.
  • You may also meet individually with the Coordinator for one-on-one support. In Halifax, please call (902) 494.3077 or email: sfs@dal.ca to make an appointment. In Truro, please call (902) 893.6672 or email: ssdalac@dal.ca to make an appointment.

Unable to come to campus?

If you have questions related to any area of study skills, and you are unable to come to campus, please email your questions to: sfs@dal.ca. Please remember to include your name and Banner number (B00xxxxxx). If you would like to contact a specific Study Skills coach, please visit our Make an Appointment section for email addresses.

If you would like to speak with someone in person, please call (902) 494.3077 (in Halifax) or (902) 893.6672 (in Truro) to make an appointment for a telephone meeting with the Coordinator.