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Senior Administration Office Contacts:

President's Office  

Richard Florizone, President and Vice-Chancellor
Phone: 902.494.2511, Email: Richard.Florizone@dal.ca
Martha Casey, Chief of Staff and Executive Director
Phone: 902.494.4117, Email: Martha.Casey@dal.ca
Erin Stewart-Reid, Communications and Special Projects
Phone: 902.494.1225, Email: Erin@dal.ca
Robin Beaton, Executive Assistant and Events Coordinator
Phone: 902.494.2511, Email: Robin.Beaton@dal.ca

Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost

Carolyn Watters, Vice-President Academic and Provost
Phone: 902.494.2586, Email: Carolyn.Watters@dal.ca
Jacqui Langille, Executive Assistant and Operations Manager
Phone: 902.494-2586, Email: Jacqui.Langille@dal.ca

Office of the Vice-President Finance and Administration

Ian Nason, Vice-President Finance and Administration
Phone: 902.494.3862, Email: Ian.Nason@dal.ca
Florence Millard, Executive Assistant and Operations Manager
Phone: 902.494.3862, Email: Florence.Millard@dal.ca

Office of the Vice-President Advancement

Peter Fardy, Vice-President Advancement
Phone: (902) 494.4595, Email: Peter.Fardy@dal.ca
Barb Dunham, Development Officer

Phone: 902.494.2238, Email: Barb.Dunham@dal.ca

Office of the Vice-Provost, Student Affairs

Ivan Joseph, Vice Provost, Student Affairs 
Phone: (902) 494.8021, Email: ijoseph@dal.ca
Cheryl Smith, Administrative Assistant 

Phone: 902.494.8021, Email: cheryl.smith@dal.ca

Office of the Vice-President Research

Alice Aiken, Vice-President Research
Phone: 902.494-6513, Email: alice.aiken@dal.ca
Chloe Westlake, Chief of Staff (Acting) 
Phone: 902.494.1896, Email: Chloe.Westlake@dal.ca
Jeana Daye, Executive Assistant and Special Projects Coordinator
Phone: 902.494.6513, Email: jeana.daye@dal.ca