Uprep FAQs

 University Preparation Courses

Do I have to be a Dalhousie student to take University Preparation courses?

No, anyone can enrol. 

Do I need to apply to the University or submit a transcript?

No. If you know the University Preparation course that you are interested in, you can visit our Student Registration Portal to either sign up for a username and password or add a course to your cart.

Are University Preparation courses accepted at other institutions?

We recommend students check with the receiving institution in case they want to see course descriptions to see where the course fits with their curriculum.

Can I apply to Dalhousie University before completing University Preparation courses?

Yes. When you apply, please let admissions know that you’ll be taking University Preparation courses. Often they can make a decision on an application with a mid-term grade pending receipt of a final.

Is any funding available for University Preparation courses?

Yes. The University Prep Bursary Fund is made available to African Nova Scotia/Black and Nova Scotia First Nations Persons who are preparing for University credit study and who need to take University Preparation courses to do so. It includes the cost of tuition and MAY cover the cost of texts for the course. This is based on financial need and will be assessed individually.

Can I take credit classes at the same time as University Preparation courses?

We usually recommend students not overload on courses. We do not recommend taking more than two courses in a term. 

Would I be able to get a Dal card to use Dalplex or get a bus pass when I take University Preparation courses?

No, unless you are doing other credit classes in addition to University Preparation courses.

Are University Preparation courses eligible for Student Loan?

No, however, it is possible to pay by credit or debit card.

How much are the courses?

All courses are available for $775. 

When are courses offered?

Visit our University Preparation page for more details.

Need more information?

For answers to more genral questions, please click here to visit our Faculty's FAQ page.