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Internal Assessments

In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the academic program approval process, the 'Internal Assessments' component of this process is under review. This site will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

New and major modified program proposals require review by key units which support academic planning. 

Please note that all units noted below must be contacted, and provide a written submission, for each new and major modified program proposal prior to review by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (for graduate programs) and the Academic Programs Sub-Committee (for undergraduate programs). Please note the length of time it takes to review a proposal may vary by unit, and depending on the time of year (e.g., convocation, financial year end, etc.) 

The following units should be contacted prior to the development of the proposal, to aid in planning, defining scope, etc. 

CENTRE FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING Curriculum development support
Susan Joudrey
Senior Educational Development, Curriculum

OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR Academic regulations, admissions, registration, academic calendar, Banner, etc. 
Adam Robertson

University Registrar (Acting)

FINANCIAL SERVICES Financial policy, review of revenue and expenditures, etc. 
Susan Robertson
AVP Financial Services 

Submit finalized, faculty-approved proposal for assessment to the following: 

UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Library resources (collections), and Academic IT (Brightspace, classroom technologies) 
Donna Bourne-Tyson
University Librarian

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Physical resources, campus planning and space management
Peter Coutts
Assistant Vice-President, Facilities Management

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Networking and central computing
James Farmer
Director, Client Services and Infrastructure

ITS review and assessment is required only when any of the following characteristics are present within a proposal: 

Characteristics Requiring IT Assessment

  1. ITS would like to be aware of any change in existing classroom technology that is envisaged as required to support the Proposed Program.  For example, if the Proposal states that different communication channel (new networking, presentation devices, internet resources) to the students and Faculty is required then the Proposal should include ITS for comment.
  2. ITS should be aware if Radio Frequency devices are contemplated such as instrumented dummies.
  3. ITS would like to know and comment on any Proposal that requires significant change in internet connectivity or bandwidth.
  4. ITS would like to be aware if new facilities are required in the Proposal.  This could take the form of new classrooms, new laboratories, or new computers.
  5. ITS would also like to be aware of any facilities that the Program Proposal intends to use or connect to facilities that are not currently located within our existing campuses.
  6. If new software for Computer Labs or Classrooms is required, ITS would need to know so that accommodations can be made in the standard PC image.
  7. ITS would also like to know if there are any significant changes in enrollment (greater than 50 new students annually) or if a major change such as the addition of a new faculty is being contemplated.
  8. Lastly ITS would like to know if the Program Proposal requires any change to how classes are normally handled with the Registration system

Only for program proposals adding, or modifying existing, cooperative education programming (early consultation required to determine feasability) 

Doug Gallant
Director, Science, Information Technology, Engineering Co-operative Education gdgallant@dal.ca

Robert Wooden
Acting Director, Management Career Services

Joanne Firth
Director, Architecture & Planning Co-op and Career Services