Program Proposal Process

Academic programing is the number one factor affecting students’ choice of university. Dalhousie’s mission and vision and the associated strategic priorities (numbers 1.4, 1.5 and 2.4) speak to the need to foster and support innovation in program development and excellence in teaching and pedagogy, to foster undergraduate research, and to enhance the effectiveness and student focus of our program offerings.

To maintain strong enrollment, have the reputation and impact we desire nationally and globally, we must offer programs of exceptional quality, that excel in meeting student and community learning needs. One key element in academic programing is the ability to have a dynamic and efficient program approval processes. 

For information on navigating the program proposal process, from development to approval
Stages of Academic Program Proposals  l

For all programs, the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) has a mandate to ensure quality assurance through assessment of university-level academic programs prior to implementation, as outlined in Academic Program Assessment Prior to Implementation. All program proposals must include the information requirements specified by MPHEC, to allow Dalhousie, through it's internal quality assurance processes, and the MPHEC, to ensure that proposed programs or modifications meet agreed upon standards. 

Proposals for health and health-related programs must also be submitted to Atlantic Advisory Committee on Health Human Resources (AACHHR) prior to submission to the MPHEC.