Dalhousie Belong Research Fellowship Awards

There are up to four fellowships to be awarded to pre-tenure faculty members from equity-seeking groups.  These fellowships aim to provide awarded candidates with support towards their further development as researchers. Awards are up to $10,000 each and are paid up to $5,000 per year for two years.

The inagural round of the Belong Fellowships is now closed. Next call Summer 2019 TBD. 


Both applicants and supporters should consider the following list of criteria.  Applicants should provide evidence of their interest and participation in research in their application package, as well as information supporting the following:

  1. Research problem or phenomena of interest is significant and clearly stated (if action research, the intended improvement in outcomes is clearly stated).
  2. Appropriate review of relevant literature is presented.
  3.  Stated objectives/aims/purpose are potentially significant, are specific and achievement can be evaluated using clear criteria.
  4.  Objectives/Aims/Purpose are realistic and feasible given proposed time frame and requested budget.
  5. The proposal clearly indicates the importance of undertaking research or study to address the problem or phenomenon of interest (i.e., the project has merit).
  6. Budget includes an explanation or justification for how the funds will be used over each year of the period.
  7. Budget includes total and itemized expenses.

Application Package

The application package must include the following:

  1. Completed application form found here,
  2. Supporting letter from your respective Head, Chair, Director or Senior Academic,
  3. Endorsement letter from your Dean,
  4. An electronic copy of your current curriculum vitae, and
  5.  Research plan and budget for expending funds (no more than 2 pages); please include where you have applied for funding and your timeline for future applications.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to collect and collate all required materials including supporting and endorsement letters.  The applicant is responsible for submitting the application package on or before the deadline.


Selection Committee

Pemberton Cyrus, Chair
Heather Andreas
Chris Cutler
Lisa DeLong
Judy MacDonald
Raymond Mopoho