Class Recordings

Class recordings can be a valuable teaching and learning tool as they facilitate greater access for all students. Class recordings can be faculty-initiated or student-initiated.

In the absence of a faculty-initiated class recording, students with an approved accommodation can make a class recording for personal use.

Class Recording Accommodation

It is important to protect intellectual property, maintain the privacy rights of individuals, and meet our institutional obligation to accommodate. The following guidelines have been adapted from Dalhousie’s Class Recording Protocol.

1. When a student has an approved accommodation to create a class recording, or the instructor is creating the recording on a student’s behalf, then:

  • the instructor must notify all other students and guests in the course that the event is being recorded for personal academic use only;
  • the instructor is not to disclose for whom the recording is being made in order to protect the privacy of the individual for whom the recording is being made;
  • if a student or guest wants to take steps to protect their privacy, and does not want to be recorded, the instructor must provide the individual(s) with an alternate means of participating and asking questions (e.g. by email, during office hours, or passing written notes with questions).

2. All approved accommodations for class recordings made by students are for personal academic use only. Students may not distribute, copy, or display class recordings, in full or in part, to anyone inside or outside of the course (including other students), or distribute, copy, or display to other electronic and social media platforms without additional written permission from the instructor and any other presenters.

3. Students who violate the conditions of the approved accommodation may be subject to disciplinary action through the Dalhousie Code of Student Conduct, the Policy on Academic Honesty, or any other relevant disciplinary policies.

4. Students are responsible for completing the Scope of Permission for Classroom Recordings acknowledgement form (pdf - 90 kb) and returning it to their Student Access Advisor. If you are unsure of who your advisor is, please email or call 902-494-2836 for support.

The creation of class recordings by instructors is supported by Instructional Technologists in Academic Technology Services (ATS), a unit within the Dalhousie Libraries.

If you have any questions, please contact