The note-taking service facilitates the sharing of notes between students who are able to take in-class notes and those who are unable to take notes in class. 

As more and more Dalhousie professors provide access to course material through lecture capture, discussion boards, and online notes, we encourage you to explore other note-taking supports including assistive technologies. Make an appointment with your Access Advisor to talk about your options.

Requesting notes

Step 1:The student meets with an advisor to discuss note taking as an accommodation.

Step 2: Once approved, the advisor, professor and student will determine how to reasonably implement the accommodation (e.g. through the professor or through a peer).

Step 3: If a peer note-taker is determined to be the best option, a note-taker will be recruited and selected by the Centre.

Step 4: Once selected, the peer note-taker posts notes to Accommodate within 48 hours of each lecture (or another reasonably agreed upon time).

The student receiving the accommodation must communicate with their advisor if they are not receiving notes or receiving poor quality notes. Your advisor may recommend other options.

Remember: The note-taking service is not a substitution for class attendance!

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Becoming a note-taker

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer note-taker please send an email to indicating which courses and sections where applicable.

Only one note-taker will be hired in each class and only those who are selected will be contacted and provided an honourarium for service.

Note-taker responsibilities:

  • Meet with the note-taking coordinator for a brief overview of our expectations
  • Review the policies outlined in the note-taking handbook and agree to the terms
  • Read and sign a confidentiality agreement and abide by its requirements
  • Upload electronic copies of the notes to Accommodate
  • If required, scan hard copy notes using the scanner in the Student Accessibility Centre
  • Electronic notes are preferable so they can be used with screen readers or other assistive devices

At the end of the term, peer note-takers are provided with a minimum $75 honorarium/per course and are recognized through Dalhousie’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

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