Residence Accommodations

Dalhousie provides a variety of accessible rooms in our residence buildings that address the functional impact related to shared living environments. Examples include (but are not limited to) shared washrooms, dietary restrictions, and/or mobility/accessibility limitations.

If you have special requirements for on-campus housing due to a disability or chronic medical condition, you must apply for housing using the Residence Application form found in Dal Online.

How to request housing for medical or disability-related reasons:

  1. Apply for on-campus residence through Dal Online (you will be provided opportunity to indicate your needs on the application form) 
  2. Submit your request for accommodation through the Student Accessibility Centre 
  3. Book an appointment to discuss your request with a Student Access Advisor

The Student Accessibility Centre will review your request alongside your supporting documentation and liaise with the Residence team as appropriate. If you are approved for accessible accommodations in residence, the Residence Office staff will notify you directly with details.

Please note the following:

  • Supporting documentation must provide detailed information about the impact of your disability or chronic medical condition in relation to your request for housing.
  • It can take time to secure an appointment with a Student Access Advisor to have your request reviewed. Please be sure to start this process as early as possible.
  • For incoming students who are eligible for the first-year residence guarantee, residence accommodation requests should also be made by the guarantee housing deadline.