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What is the Co-Curricular Record?

Dalhousie’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document from Dalhousie that recogizes your accomplishments and out-of-classroom experiential learning, including campus-life and community engagement, volunteer and service leadership, and awardsfor exemplary contributions.

Any current Dalhousie and King's student can add positions to their CCR and get recognition for their accomplishments. The CCR can be used to complement your CV/resume or graduate/professional school applications.

For more information on what can be recognized on the CCR please refer to the CCR Categories Tab.

How will the CCR benefit you?

The Co-Curricular Record is not unique to Dalhousie University. It is a system used by several universities across Canada and the United States of America, that is used to recognize students' out-of-classroom accomplishments.

There are many benefits from having a CCR. It is a great way of tracking your “out-of-class” accomplishments that are not fully reflected on your academic transcript during your time at Dalhousie University and King's College. 

This can give you an edge over other graduates as it helps to set you apart from the competition when applying to graduate programs and job opportunities,  because it provides potential graduate and/or professional schools and employers with a university-recognized document of your involvement outside of the classroom.

Some ways that the CCR can be used are for: graduate school applications, job applications, scholarships applications, and during job interviews.

How can I access it?

Students access the CCR by following these steps:

  1. Login to myCareer

  2. Click on the Co-Curricular Record Tab (on the left hand side panel)

  3. Click on the Add a Position to My Record button on the top of this page

  4. Search for your positions using the Activity- Quick Look-up Tool or find your position filtering through the various categories.

The Co-Curricular Record Database shows positions that have been added in previous years, if you are unable to find your position, then it is possible the position has not been added to the CCR database.

To add a position, click on the “Request New Position" button (on the left hand side panel), and follow the steps outlined to submit a request for the position to be added to the CCR directory (this requires you to include a description and contact information for a supervisor who can vouch that you held that role).

Please note, the CCR system portal is closed every academic year from May - early September


The CCR will acknowledge accomplishments that meet the criteria set out in the guidelines within a 1-year period of completing the activity.

Since each activity or accomplishment requires validation at the time of its completion, it can be difficult to validate activities or accomplishments from previous years.

The CCR program strives to be inclusive and fair to all students, therefore it will not be implemented retroactively beyond a 1-year period.

Students can contact staff in the Dalhousie Bissett Student Success Centre for advice on how to capture activities and accomplishments occurring prior to to that 1-year period within a resume, apply for jobs and/or post-graduate programs.