Career Services

The Bissett Student Success Centre is here to assist you in finding jobs and developing your career path. With career advising, peer advising, career counselling, and our online resources, we have many ways to help you develop your skills and discover your ideal job and career opportunities. You can learn more about these services below.

Services Update:

If you would like your resume, CV, cover letter, or statement of intent reviewed, please send them to For career advising, peer advising, and career counselling appointments, please call 902-494-3077 or email

Career Advising

Our career advisor is able to provide advice, support, and coaching to meet your individual needs. 

Peer Advising

Our peer advisors are able to help you prepare for and navigate the job search and application process. 

Career Counselling

Wondering what to do after school or having trouble making decisions about what program or career path to pursue? Get some guidance from our career counsellor or join a career development group.

Job & Career Resources

There are plenty of online resources available to you to help you with your career development—including sample resumes, lists of job search engines, interview guides, and more!