Student Leadership Academy

The Dalhousie Student Leadership Academy is a new initiative that's free and open to any student interested in becoming a better leader and creating purposeful change through activism, advocacy, innovation, or community building.

Dalhousie’s Leadership Academy is designed to help students on their leadership journey, whether they are exploring their leadership goals or are already a demonstrated student leader. Through workshops, hands on learning, and mentorship opportunities, students can learn how to create change in their communities. 

There are three connected programs within the Academy, each aligned with social impact and purpose-driven leadership models, and tailored to unique strengths, interests, and goals. 

Benefits of the Student Leadership Academy

Students who participate in the Leadership Academy will receive credit for their Co-Curricular Record (CCR), in addition to: 

  • Skill Development and Personal Growth
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Access to Resources 
  • Resume Enhancement 
  • Real-world experience 
  • Mentorship and Guidance 
  • Leadership Opportunities

Foundations of Leadership

The Foundations of Leadership program offers a series of dynamic and engaging workshops designed to help develop leadership skills, connect with peers, and explore how to use leadership skills in the community. Foundations of Leadership is open to any student interested in pursuing leadership opportunities and developing their leadership skills and knowledge. No prior experience or knowledge is required.

Foundations of Leadership is comprised of workshops (see below), the DalLeads conference, and keynote speakers. To complete this program, students must attend a minimum of 5 workshops hosted through the semester.

TRURO STUDENTSVisit the Agricultural Campus website for registration and other details about the Foundation of Leadership Workshops being held on the Truro campus.

Other Leadership Academy Programs


Leadership in Practice

High-Performance Leadership



An experiential and highly interactive program that explores through real world experiences to practice leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of strengths, interests, and goals. 

A tailored, individualized program that provides 1-1 coaching and mentorship by skilled university leaders for students entering formal leadership roles within the university and community.  

Key elements 

  • Strengths Assessment 
  • Experiential Learning Workshops
  • Applied Leadership Experience  
  • Strengths Coaching 
  • Leadership Experience  
  • Leadership Practice Inventory Assessment ­­
  • Mentorship Experience 
  • Experiential Workshops 
  • Capstone Project 


Open to Leadership Foundations participants 

Nomination by Senior Leaders on campus 

How it works  

Program will be launched Fall 2024 

Launching in Winter 2024, selected student leaders must complete all key elements to earn certificate and CCR credit. 

How to participate 

Program not yet active

Referral by Senior Leaders and Expression of Interest from participant.

Note: High Performance Leadership applications are now closed for the winter 2024 semester. Check back soon for application info for fall 2024.