Student Conduct

It's simple: treat others like you want to be treated

Everyone at Dalhousie is expected to treat others with dignity and respect. The Code of Student Conduct allows Dalhousie to take disciplinary action if students don’t follow this community expectation. When appropriate, violations of the code can be resolved in a reasonable and informal manner. If an informal resolution can’t be reached, or would be inappropriate, procedures exist for formal dispute resolution.

Dalhousie recognizes its students as independent adults and the Code exists to maintain a minimum standard of behaviour that’s deemed acceptable by our community. The Code is very broad and encompasses many types of behaviour. Students who are submitting a complaint or who have had a complaint made against them should be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Students are also responsible for following all civil and criminal laws in Nova Scotia, violations of which are explicitly violations of the code and can also result in penalty from Dalhousie University.

The following are some of the offences found in the Code of Student Conduct:

  • Offences against persons (e.g. assault, sexual harassment, threats, endangering health and safety, discrimination, intimidation)
  • Offences involving property (e.g. theft, misuse, damage)
  • Unauthorized use of university facilities, equipment or services
  • Alcohol and drug use (i.e. not abiding by Campus Alcohol Policies or the use, possession and/or sale of drugs)

View the full Code of Student Conduct.

For more information about the Code of Student Conduct, please contact Candace Fougere at