Academic Offences

Show some respect and do your own work

A degree from Dalhousie is a respected credential. It's important for the university to protect the integrity of its degrees, and it's important for you to respect that integrity, by ensuring each you actually complete the work required for your degree. Dalhousie takes academic honesty seriously and has penalties and a discipline process for students who commit academic offences.

What are academic offences?

All academic dishonesty is cheating. Plagiarism, cheating on tests, and unauthorized collaboration are all common academic offences. Other offences include:

  • text-messaging answers during exams
  • sharing answers as a group
  • buying papers online
  • taking an older sibling’s essay and retyping it
  • passing off just one or two really good quotes as your own brilliance
  • falsifying a lab report with invented data
  • padding your bibliography with sources you didn’t use

If it feels wrong, it probably is.