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Interpreter Services

Real-time translation – just call and request 

Interpreter services is available for students who require access to a translator. This service can be used during appointments with healthcare professionals. By accessing this service, you will be quickly connected to a translator to get real-time translation in over 180 languages. 

How to access over-the-phone interpretation

  1. Dial toll free: 1-866-794-8987
  2.  When connected, please provide:
        - The CIN Number: 8650
        - Your first and last name 
        - Your school name: Dalhousie University 
  3. State the language you require. 
  4. You will be connected with an interpreter within 60 seconds. Introduce yourself and brief the interpreter as to the nature of the call. The interpreter will remain on the line at the end of the session for a debriefing if you require.